Advantages of New Generation Serums

New Generation SerumsBeauty expert and editor Kate Shapland laud the benefit and advantages of new generation serums. Expect attractive, better hydrated & firmer skin, without all the heaviness associated with many of face creams. Serums are among all the cleverest skincare innovations in latest years. They’re one of those beauty milestones that have dovetailed so neatly into the own skincare regimes, that you wonder how it took so long to invent them in the first place. The beauty of all the serum is that it offers intense treatment through the most light-weight formulation. A great serum combines a fairy light, aerated quality with all the power and punch for run deep in your skin. See Serum Clarins Pas Cher.

For many of us then, skin and beauty serums are a blessing. As skin begins to show visible signs of aging in our thirties – chiefly developing fine lines in fast moving areas like eyes and lips – so we need a product with more clout than regular emollients, but less of the heaviness associated with a few anti ageing creams. Sensitivity is an issue that can arise with age too. Skin experts recognized that skin needs active treatment to address the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibres beneath skin which keep it youthfully plump, that treatment should also be sympathetic to the fragility that may develop with maturing skin, frequently as a consequence of increased dryness.

The aim is to find a strong, but light-weight anti ageing serum with a high tolerance, which may be used with confidence by all skin types including the sensitive ones. Among the latest developments in this area is an innovative ingredient called Rhamnose. A natural sugar derivative of plant origin, it works to trigger all the youth preserving activity of all the fragile layer of cells found right beneath all the dermal epidermal junction in our skin. The cells in this area is crucial because their activity helps maintain skin plumpness, and scientists found that rhamnose – that has a natural affinity with the papillary dermis – can activate these cells, causing them to send messages to all layers of the skin to encourage regeneration.

Put simply, this one champion ingredient has the capability to affect 3 different layers of skin from one very critical point. Aside from being a significant scientific leap this is a real bonus for skin which is starting to show the signs of age as its natural mechanisms to renew and rejuvenate slow down. So having started life as a light-weight alternative to anti ageing creams, serums have taken on an even more significant role in skin preservation. They’ve become an integral piece of the anti aging saw.