Starting A Blog 101 – My Story

A buddy of mine who’s an experienced corporate marketer started a brand new business. The shop just open and being the good pal that I’m, I managed to offer some advice regarding marketing online especially regarding blog advertising. That’s a brand-new small organization, so concerns for what to do about a site included: cost, performance, versatility, ease of upkeep and marketability. The website needed to function as both an online representation of the company, but without transactional functionality, and a host for squeeze pages used with e-mail and Pay per click campaigns.

My recommendation for a cost effective, easy to use and internet search engine friendly CMS? WordPress. What frequently occurs when buddies ask for advice for web advertising can that I’ll make some recommendations in a casual setting or even e-mail links to a few resources such as this one on blog advertising tips, then a couple weeks or even months later, the conversation will turn to, Therefore, how is your blog or website doing? , and I find out that the site/blog was either not started at all, it was created in a way that blows away any possibility of SEO or marketability out advertising or it was constructed using resources without a cost of entry, but without the skills to scale if successful.

Something along those lines occurred with my blog. What was the matter? The blog was started using, which alone is not a problem, but the site address chosen was This is clear because its the default URL choice when you create a site with Nevertheless, picking a 3rd party domain for your blog address violates possibly the most crucial rules in sustainable web blogging! Consistently host the blog address with a site domain you control. Which means or or Otherwise, you give up control.

How so? What if the blog host goes down? Free services rarely offer support. In addition, what if the service doesn’t support the functionality you need? You cannot change their whole platform to fit your individual needs. There are various reasons for maintaining the site address as part of your very domain name including the capability to change site software services without having into change your site address. Obviously there’s an advantage for internet search engine optimization if you hosts the blog like a sub directory of your primary company domain name like Blogs are very linkable entities along with other blogs have a tendency into be enthusiastic about linking, so any links into your site can be perceived as a vote of credibility into your main website into be enthusiastic about linking, so any links into your site could be perceived as a vote of credibility into your primary website since the blog. Now back to our story of the small business blog.